A short story about our trip to Margibi county today

It was not until yesterday that the car we normally use for our engagement activities spoiled. We were worried as we had to meet with the people in Kakata and Gibi District the next day and we had no access to a car. However, we never wanted to cancel the meetings after going through a whole lot just to arrange this meeting with the facilities due to so many challenges. So, we tried reaching out to a few people for a car but didn’t get the suitable one. As a result, we had no other option but to use the only car that was available (a very small taxi) even though we were informed that the condition of the road leading to one of the districts (Gibi) was very terrible. This cause today’s trip to be the most challenging and tiring ever. We had to go through many obstacles and in many cases get down to walk or push the car just to reach the health facilities. We were out of coverage area and many more. We event spent the entire day without eating nor drinking.
In a nutshell, it was not easy but our desire to make this project happen kept us going. We were able to find solutions to all of the challenges faced and visited most of the facilities.

The team did it, all thanks to our not giving up spirit. 💪🏾


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