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About us

Maxwell L. Jones
Maxwell L. Jones
Country Representative / Political Advisor
Former Special Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia
Expat with 23 Years US experience

Layree A. Sannor (Bob)
Chief Operations Management Team / Civil engineering expert

Samuel G. Holt Jun

Samuel G. Holt
Program in Chief / Deputy Chief Operations / Head Youth Department

Electrician (Ghana Diploma), Student University
Soccer Player

Eijah Dunoh
Assistent to Program in Chief

Myrtle Bowier
Chief Woman Departement / Volunteers & Godparentship Program Coordinator Liberia
Mother of one Child and Choir Member of Immanuel Church

Wonda N. Alison
Assistent to Chief Woman Departement and Deputy

Janet Bedell

Janet Bedell
Mastermind Team to do List

Hamnson Gaye
Chief Logistics & Secretariat

Belinda Johnson
Assistant to Chief Logistics & Secretariat

Bernice Kromah
Head Health / WASH / Hygiene

Estella Sangar
Housekeeping / Cleaning and Staff well-being
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