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BTFS Management / Swiss Foundation Council

Annual Report 2020

Get the details about our last year: Annual report 2020 We are pleased to publish the annual report of this special year with corona. The Board of Trustees and the experts from the “Ostschweizer Fachhochschule OST Rapperswil” mentioned in the report have approved the release of the annual report.

Felix Walz

BTFS President Police Captain (ret), Zurich State Police

Former UNPOL Advisor / UNMIL Liberia
Former Senior Police Advisor of the Liberia National Police

Member Rotary Club Oberer Zürichsee / Schweiz

Beat Jud

BTFS Treasurer, Vice President
President of the board of Directors JMS Group
Engineering Company, Construction Engineer and VRP JMS Group

Member Rotary Club Oberer Zürichsee / Schweiz

Franziska Hofer, Dr. Phil.
BTFS Committee Member and Expert in Human Factors
Co-Founder und General Manager Brainability

Research and Development at Zurich Airport Zurich State Police

Linus Hofmann
Linus Hofmann
BTFS Advisor
MLaw HSG Hofmann Gehler Schmidlin

Lawyers and Notaries

Markus Blatter
Markus Blatter

Zurich State Police, Civil Protection Department

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