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History of Bowier Trust Foundation Switzerland

As kind of an „expat“ after more the 3 years living and working most times in Liberia, West Africa, Felix Walz – a senior UN Police Advisor with UNMIL and the Liberia National Police – established the „Bowier Trust Foundation Switzerland“ in October 2016. Through this new Organization, Felix Walz continued and built on the work he has done over the past three years, predominantly in the field of „Community Partnership Building Activities“ to contribute to general Peace Keeping Activities in Liberia. Swiss Native Felix Walz, a senior Police Captain of the State Police Zürich Switzerland, was inspired by a statement made in October 2015 in Chicago, IL, by President of the United States of America, Barack Obama (Source: Facebook October 27th, 2015, shared by UNPOL Commissioner Greg Hinds)

  1. Restore trust and confidence between police and the communities they protect and serve
  2. Better support is needed for police with a budget to match this support

Effective Community Partnership Building Activities focussing on Schools, because Schools reflects the condition of the society having its children enrolled to its Schools; hence the foundation aims to improve and optimise school infrastructures in Liberia. Thereby, the foundation intends to provide needy and at risk children with a secure and hygienic acceptable environment in order to have access to an adequate school education and a school infrastructure that will allow children to pursue an academic education that will empower them to be accordingly prepared for an academic and professional career.

Effective activities to generally promote and support local Liberian communities in areas of humanitarian and ecological development; Specifically, the support of community projects that are in line with the implementation of the National Action plan of the National Technical Working Group (NTWG) which is presided by the Liberia National Police / Community Service Section.

Development program of needy. young, talented and motivated Liberians in line with a „Career Development Program” with a learning content emphasis on:

  1. Project Management (SWOT Analyses and contemporary Project Management Circle)
  2. Communication / Dialog Strategies / Mediation
  3. Conflict and Dispute Resolution
  4. Leadership Basics

The foundation organizes and promotes an exchange of students and instructors between Liberia and Swiss enterprises and education institutions in order to attain its purpose.

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