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Our logo

Sara Azevedo, who lives in Nazaré, Portugal, married and mother of a child, works for the small graphic studio DIGITALIMPULSE.PT and is still working in a local mini-market (sara.azevedo@digitalimpulse.pt). In the summer of 2016, a first meeting with her business partner, Ricardo Neves took place, where Sara offered to design a logo for our foundation. What I told her about Liberia, she understood well how to implement it graphically and presented me for little more than 300 euros several options so that a selection could be made.

Colorful balloons, sunrise, warmth, palm trees, glamor – and everything firmly anchored on the roof from Switzerland – a roof that is sturdy; provides protection and security. The logo symbolizes the joy of life, fertility and beauty of the country – but also the need to be associated with a reliable, strong partner who gives support in a time of departure and change.

After more than a year I met Sara in Nazaré and handed over our flyers as well as photos of our work



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