+41 79 209 78 86 fwalz76@gmail.com Allmeindstrasse 11, 8716 Schmerikon

Our Statement, Vision and Core Values


Creates Prospects for young Liberians, especially Girls and Women, through intact School Environment and Education

Vibrant and professional entity to contribute to Community Partnership Building in Liberia

Reliable and effective Partner Organisation for Donors and Investors


To inspire and nurture human spirit to create Liberia’s young generation, through education and training, a basis for a successful future in Liberia

To teach Project Management and provide support for ALL who are committed to improving the society in Liberia


SWISSNESS in Quality, Reliability and Trustworthiness

Passion, Devotion and Perseverance to overcome Challenges and to move on

Respect and understand Liberias Culture and its History and Traditions

Gratefulness to the almighty father for his shared wisdom and guidance throughout our actions

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