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“BOWIER TRUST FOUNDATION SWITZERLAND projects allows to build a bridge between public society and the Liberian National Police!”

Active involvement of LNP Officers as merely indigenous Liberians and members of its society plays a key role. Police Officers interact, discuss, teach, monitor, mentor and provide public safety relevant support, hence the positive effect is twofold. Because the project is people- and in particularly student-centred, the Police Officers get a broader understanding of what matters to children and their parents and families. In turn, the children and parents involved get a much better understanding of the Police and how Police is working. These are attributable factors to radiate positive trust building effects between Schools and Police into the community structures, such as County Security Councils, Women and Elder, Religion, Community- and Township Leaders, Businessmen and –women, Media, Youth, Transportation, Motorcyclists and so on. Our school projects clearly spearheading further and future relevant activities to improve the relationship between ordinary members of the local society and the Police in the said area

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