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Amagashi / Academic Preparation for the Future

Donation from ROTARY Switzerland and Monrovia Breweries Inc.

The APF (Academic Preparation for the Future) School in Amagashi Community has improved over a Period of the last 18 months:

  1. Renovation of the main building, including roofing, windows, class rooms, doors, chairs, benches, infrastructure,   environment
  2. Construction of Annex Building (7 class rooms under construction, lack of furniture)
  3. 12 class rooms with each around 20 students
  4. 1 Arabic speaking class (Moslem)
  5. Number of students growing from 50 in 2014 up to 200 plus registered children in 2016
  6. Water tower with a complete water supply system to a number of bathrooms, a sink and 2 showers
    The water tower consisting of a steel structure was created as a humanitarian contribution by sanitation experts from the Club Beer Brewery Monrovia, free of charge.
  7. Generator to have electricity to pump water from the dwell up to the water tower twice a week
  8. Cleaning personnel to clean all bathrooms twice a day to ensure proper hygiene conditions
  9. Computer lab annex building under construction (future PC Training)

The APF School operates in shifts between 0745 hrs and 1600 hrs, and has about 20 teachers, all with certificates as a school class teacher. All teachers don’t receive a regular salary and volunteer. Thanks through the generous donations made by JMS (Johann Mueller AG / heavy duty engineering company in Schmerikon, Switzerland) and the Rotary Club Zurich Obersee (Rotary Club Oberer Zürichsee), APF could significantly improve its school system, what has been recognized by all parties involved. In appreciation of the highly esteemed support by JMS and Rotary Club Zurich Obersee it can’t be overemphasized, how grateful we are especially to Mr. Beat Jud, president of Rotary Club Zurich Obersee, for his passion and commitment! Wholeheartedly APF desires to thank you so much.



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