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Drone Survey Exercise SD Cooper Road

Aerial survey with the support of the Technical University Rapperswil  During the planning of the water supply at our Immanuel school and church, risks were identified (contamination of existing fresh water reserves by sea and waste water). Approximately 60 existing wells (draw wells with and without hand pumps) were surveyed and geographically referenced in our SD Cooper Communities target area by a group of students from Stella Maris Polytechnic Monrovia, in collaboration with our BTFS team. The data was exchanged and evaluated with hydraulic engineering expert, Ralph Widmer from Switzerland (lecturer at the Technical University Rapperswil). On November 3, 2017, the expert, accompanied by our BTFS board member, Markus Blatter, traveled to Monrovia for a week to photogrammetrically record our target area using a HSR-equipped drone with a calibrated camera system. Out of 1,500 digital images, orthophotos were created, which are georeferenced from points with known coordinates, which provides data for a digital terrain model. In exchange with the responsible Liberia Water Authority (Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation) and the Stella Maris Polytechnic, as well as technically mentored and supported by Swiss hydraulic engineering experts, a virtual water supply model is to be designed. This sets the baseline to conceptualize and implement a safe fresh water supply system for the benefit of our school and church, as well as the surrounding residential areas. Fresh water, as well as sewage and waste management are the most important contributions to improve the precarious, hygienic conditions in the school environment.

Technical University Rapperswil, water managment/supply Monrovia:

201711_Drone Survey Exercise SD Cooper

Drone Survey Exercise SD Cooper
Stella Maris Team with Laryee "Bob" Sannor (3rd from left), Gov. Advisor: Maxwell Jones (very right)
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