Workshop for young women on the subject of education, self-confidence and courage to do what they desire to do.

Moderation: Hamnson Gaye, Myrtle Bowier and Sam Holt.

During a period of several weeks, around 30 young women between the ages of 16 and 24 were recruited from the surrounding residential areas around the SD Cooper Road Community and motivated to attend and actively participate in this workshop. The event was dedicated to the following four topics:

  1. self-esteem and respect
  2. sexual harassment and abuses
  3. dealing with advantages and dangers of the Internet and social media
  4. creativity and self-confidence

As a trainer for the topics mentioned, two proven subject matter experts were available. Healthcare expert and BTFS lecturer, Ms. Oretha Slocum, lectured on the first two areas (self-esteem and sexual harassment) in her usual dedicated way, while Pastor Sumo V. Kovah (Masters in Education) talked about the benefits and dangers of social media and education in a more and more digitalised world. A welcome guest was also a representative of the Liberian National Pollce, in person of Superintendent Blanyon Himmie, Community Service Section.

The main purpose of the workshop was to promote the sense of togetherness of young women; learn to assert themselves in everyday life; to be able to say no and demand respect when respect for women is lacking. Furthermore, that problems – of whatever kind – better in the collective than alone can be processed and solved. The young women were encouraged to actively seek contact with our office whenever they face challenges.

Five of the young women attracted attention through their active participation and are invited to participate in working groups in activities to promote the local community. To that end, our foundation’s founder, Myrtle Bowier, gave an impressive closing speech, picturing to young women what can be achieved if they believe in themselves and use their talents actively.

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