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Bowier Trust Foundation Switzerland

Bowier Trust Foundation Switzerland


"The projects of the BOWIER TRUST SWITZERLAND foundation promote the international exchange of knowledge and implement projects in the areas of hydraulic engineering, environmental science and health."

After a multi-year UN mandate (UNMIL-UNPOL) by BTFS- founder Felix F. Walz, the original focus of promoting reconciliation and peace capacity building within the communities and cooperation with the Liberia National Police, shifted increasingly.
The needs in the country are so diverse and complex that BTFS has focused on three areas since 2018.

1. Bacteria-free drinking water / sanitation / solar technology
2. Health / maternal and infant mortality / sex education
3. Academic knowledge exchange / cooperation with universities

BTFS has successfully implemented projects in all three disciplines. Two water kiosks with GDM water filters and solar power are in operation; In Margibi County, the HMNL one-year-program (Help a Mother and a Newborn in Liberia) receives attention; a second 40-foot container with hospital material was shipped to Liberia and two medical students completed a tailor-made training course in Switzerland to combat high maternal and infant mortality. A Memorandum of Understanding between a Swiss and a Liberian university offers students attractive training opportunities and these became part of a Swiss-West African academic network, in connection with Swiss enterprises for applied, practical, concrete projects.