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Bowier Trust Foundation Switzerland

Bowier Trust Foundation Switzerland

„Back to School“-Programm

in the remote village of “Lower Johnsonville” together with our partner MALOWNET (Magnify The Lord Worship Network)


In June 2018, our dear friend Joanna from MALOWNET asked us for help. The aim was to attend a program about two hours’ drive outside Monrovia in a remote residential area to bring copy books and school supplies to the “Lower Johnsonville” community, as a contribution to the start of the official new semester by September 2018 and motivation for children, parents and teaching staff. Our foundation has made a contribution of $ 540 to buy and print hundreds of writing and coloring books.

Saturday, September 8, 2018 it was time. After an adventurous drive of about two hours on undeveloped “roads”, we finally reached our destination, where we were greeted by over 200 children and about the same adult village residents in an African, cordial manner. The program was guided through by our trusted MC (master of ceremony) Wonda and strong messages from our Head of Department, Myrtle, as well as Joanna and Hamnson, has motivated children and adults to put education at the center of the community. Myrtle purposely wore a T-shirt with the inscription “I can – I will”. Around 160 selected children received a set of school copy- and textbooks donated by BTFS and Swiss-teachers in the environment of my wife Daria and her Sister Trudy Stadler. The community event was impressive and the feedbacks heartfelt and really touchingly.