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School Project Immanuel Christian Academy (ICA): Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastrukture

BTFS Dedicates US$60K (Water & Sanitation for Health) Project to SD Cooper Community

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The People of SD Cooper Community dream of getting safe drinking water has come alive, following the construction and dedication of a US$60,000 water project by Swiss-Liberian based organization, Bowier Trust Foundation Switzerland (BTFS).

Fetching Safe drinking water has ben a serious challenged for community dwellers, sometimes forcing them to go far away distances during the dry season, only to get water.

But the dedication of a water tower and pump on Sunday, June 17, 2018 in Paynesville, would help to greatly change the difficulties experienced by thousands from worse to better.

One community members, Rachael Darzue told FrontPage Africa how it had been her dream to have water facility in the community, but several appeals to government and other philanthropists over the years had yield no result.

She believes the Project by BTFS has brought relieved of difficulties experienced by the community over the years in fetching safe drinking water.

“This water problem has been very hard, year-in, year-out and most of the time, we have to go far places for water. Most of our wells here get dry, so dry season, our children often get sick from the water we used for drinking, Madam Darzu said.”

Thank God that this organization has come to our rescue, and we ourselves we make sure that tower and pump is taken care of good, so that we cannot suffer to get safe drinking water during the dry season.”

Not only has BTFS dedicated a water project, the organization has also extended its gesture to the Immanuel Christian School located within the same SD Cooper Community.

The Immanuel Christian School can now boost of a modern latrine facility being constructed by BTFS in line with the institution pilot project to ensure that most parts of Liberia benefit from sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene facilities.

These WASH projects, according to the organization, falls within its three pillar of contributing to the health Gesundheit, security and education sectors of Liberia and was funded by Rotary Club Switzerland.

It was implemented within a period of two months and BTFS said it has an intention of implementing additional five handpumps in other surrounding communities within a short period.

The water project is expected to served community members from various environs within SD Cooper and schools closer to its location.

SD Cooper Community is located in Paynesville and forms part of several communities in Montserrado County District Number Six that are still striving for safe drinking water and good latrine facilities.

To date, the District Lawmaker Representative Samuel Ender said, the Kendeja Public High School located in Paynesville is faced with similar water and sanitation problem and needs quick attention.

At the dedication of the projects, Enders named water and sanitation as an integral parts of human existence and should be considered in various sectors of society.

“This community and school stands at a point and needed safe drinking water, they needed water and many kids go to use the bathroom and water is not there. I know for fact because when you go the the Kendeja School, there is no bathroom, there is no water, when you to the other schools, it just one handpump,” Enders said.

“To have people coming to our district and schools, at this time is laudable. Our president will be excited, our elders of this district will be excited. We are grateful and want to say thank for thinking about us. You could have thought of any other community, but you thought of us.”

Representative Ender noted that the wash Facility will help the community overcome some problem faced with water contaminated illnesses and alleviate poor latrine condition on the Immanuel Christian Academy campus.

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, B. Elias Shoniyin sees the project as a great contribution to the Liberian Government quest to ensure better living condition for its citizens.

Describing it as a plus to Liberia-Switzerland Corporation, Minister Shoniyin attributed bulk of Liberia health challenges to inaccessibility of safe drinking water, which he believes has a greater implications on the lives of citizens.

He stated that Liberia may not achieved the Sustainable Development Goal by 2030 if the issue of safe drinking water is still at large.

“On behalf of the government of Liberia, as we dedicate this WASH Platform today, we say water challenges has implications on our lives, on our education, health and livelihood as well as growth,” Minister Shoniyin averred.

“Bringing water to this community, you have actually added to the quality of lives in this community. Your work is in support of the children and women of this community hunt for better livelihood.”

At the dedication ceremony BTFS President Felix Walz expressed excitement about his move to help fast track developmental activities in Liberia with the backing of Rotary Club Switzerland.

Walz told a gathering at the dedication that the most important time to foster such initiative in Liberia is now and demonstrate his passion to help the needed.

“I always say, have a plan to create good use of your live and BTFS as a root family prepared all necessary steps with passion and commitment to overcome the challenges that came along with implementing the project,” Walz stated.

The US$60,000 project supports BTFS water and sanitation program, following several meeting and awareness campaigned with stakeholder and community residents by the organization.

After being approved by WASH sector group, the ICA site was reportedly approved as the suitable local that could serve thousands in the community, thus prompting the institution board to approved a global grant in 2017 for the project.

BTFS Project kickoffs at ICA in the SD Cooper Community, Paynesville. The project begun Monday, May 7, 2018 and targets the construction of water and and sanitation facilities for dwellers with the SD Cooper environ. If completed, the water will ease the burden faced by members of that area in fetching safe drinking water. Getting water, especially during the dry season is a challenged for the residents. The latrine facility would help control sanitation at the school. BTFS President Felix Walz and corps of officials broke ground for the project Sunday.

Water supply and sanitation infrastucture
Day 1: the project begun at Monday, May 7
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  • Water supply / health hygiene / sustainable waste water disposal
  • Close involvement of the six surrounding communities and the National Police
  • Supported by ROTARY Clubs from Switzerland and Monrovia
  • Accompanied by a construction specialist from BUTTI AG, Pfäffikon and administered by our competent management team Liberia
  • Based on a binding agreement (MoU BTFS & ICA) to regulate the responsibilities and timely implementation of the defined construction work (Launch end of April 2018 with well drilling, water tower, Septictank excavation, new toilet facility)


201803_EN_Letter to donors and firends of BTFS

201803_EN_Project overwiew

Bauplan / Construction Plan
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